Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dinner With My First Grade Peeps

My sweet First Grade co-workers and I went out to eat last night at Logan's together. It is our end-of-the-year tradition. Actually this is only the second year to do it, but traditions have to start somewhere, right? I absolutely love this group of ladies. You just do not know how much I love and appreciate them! When I moved from Kindergarten to First Grade, they helped me out so, so much!!!!! I just wish I could repay them for all their kindness.

From left to right: Beth, Ashley, Petra, Nakita, Mary Beth, Jennifer, me, Thea, and Debbie

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Sarah said...

We used to go out and eat during the summer when I was there! I miss you'll sooooooo much- have I told you that this week :) Good news- I will be back in first grade next year! I am so excited.