Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 Field Days in 2 Days!!

My school had the Kindergarten and First Grade Field Day on Monday. Yes, it was a very gray, yucky day to have it, but unfortunately we don't get to choose the weather. We had a lot of fun running races and just being outside ALL day! It does wear this teacher out though.

Here is my triumphant class after winning the tug-of-war championship! Can you tell how excited we were to beat ALL eight other first grade classes?!?

Then today, I got to play Mommy and join Caitlin for Field Day at her school. The weather was much, much nicer!

Caitlin's class winning at tug-of war. (Caitlin is in the purple t-shirt.)

Caitlin took a quick break from the action to pose for a picture with me.

Caitlin and Daddy
I also got to play wife today! It's always fun interacting with Randy's students, and they think it's hilarious that there is a "Mrs. Hollingsworth!"
Me and My Sweetie
So I have had two VERY busy, but fun days. I am pooped!!!! Anyone want to join me for a massage?

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