Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caitlin's Dance Recital

On Saturday, Caitlin had her long-awaited Dance Recital. I just can't put into words how proud I am of her and all of the hard work she put into her dancing! She amazes me each and everyday with all the things she does, but to watch your only daughter get up there on that huge stage in front of ALL those people in the audience truly wows me!! Plus she had to learn 4 dances! That means 4 costume changes in Michael Phelps' time. I think we were both worn out from just that part of the recital! The theme this year was LIFE magazine and all its many covers through the years.

Here she is with her good friends, Anna and Ansley, striking a pose before the show begins.

This is her tap routine called "Barnyard Boogie." Caitlin is a black horse on the front left side. This dance represented the cover of an Oklahoma Farmer from July 14, 1958.

This is her ballet routine--"Tomorrow" from Annie. Caitlin is on the right side. This dance represented President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the cover on January 4, 1937.

This is her jazz routine--"Glamorous." It was definitely her favorite! This dance represented the Glamorous Life represented on the cover on September 11, 1950. After this dance, we only had 3 songs to get her changed for the Finale! That means about 10 minutes. Do you know how hard it is to change a sweaty eight-year-old in under 10 minutes out of a dance costume into another one?! I really think they need to make this an Olympic event!!
I didn't get good pictures of the Finale because: 1. the girls were moving WAY too fast, and 2. there were so many girls on stage at once. You only get to be in the Finale if you have had Perfect Attendance since January. It is a big honor, and one that Caitlin really strove for this year! I was extremely proud of her for making it into the Finale.

Our Family Portrait after presenting Caitlin with her roses for her star performance. This was Harrison's first Dance Recital to attend, and he did fabulous--thanks to 2 Grandpas who played with him and bought him lots and lots of snacks!
Randy actually snuck in at the last minute. We weren't expecting him to get to see any of the Recital. He was in a wedding (more of that later), and he surprised all of us!

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