Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bachelor Party, Birthday Parties, and the "B" Word

You may wonder what these things have to do with each other...well, they all happened within the last 24 hours.
First, Randy was invited to a Bachelor Party for his good friend, Joe, whose wedding he happens to be in on Memorial Day weekend. Oh, and did I mention that is Caitlin's dance recital?! Anyway, he felt as if he should go since he is a member of the wedding party. He told me this morning that it was a low-key Bachelor Party. Now is he telling me that just to ease my mind?????
Then today we had two Birthday Parties to attend. These were very special friends whose birthdays we wouldn't miss for the world! The first party was Alex's. His party was at the Madison Bowling Center (fun, fun!) where we celebrated him turning five years old. He got lots of cool boy toys!

Look at the concentration in those eyes!

Look at that form!

"What's in this one?" Notice Harrison is wearing his new fish shirt we purchased at Target yesterday.
The second party was Annie's Birthday at the Ice Complex. We got to celebrate her 8th birthday with some cool ice skating!

Caitlin started out a little bit shaky, but after she went around a few times with the "walker" she was skating like a pro! She wants to go back next Saturday.

Happy Birthday Annie!
And I know you are wanting to know about the "B" word. Well after we finished partying, we had to run by the grocery store to pick up a few things for supper. Caitlin said that her legs were hurting from ice skating, so she rode in the buggy. As we were waiting in the long checkout line, she was reading all the headlines on the magazines. Luckily I spotted one before her. It had the "B" word boldly written on the front cover!! I was able to quickly place another magazine over this offensive magazine so that she didn't see it. After we paid for our groceries, I walked over to the Customer Servicer counter and asked to see a manager. I took the Assistant Manager over to one of the offensive magazines and pointed it out to her (very nicely of course). I told her that I knew it wasn't her or her store's fault that this magazine chose to print that word on their cover, but I wanted them to be aware that it was being shown at eye level to children so that they could do something about it. I told her that I am not a prude or a naive person, and I know that my daughter will one day read that word and may very well one day say that word out loud. But I choose to stay away from movies and literature (and grocery stores) that have cuss words in them right now so that she is not exposed to it.
So now I am curious if other stores have that magazine out for little eyes to see?! It think I will investigate further.....

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Sarah said...

Oh No!!! I'm glad you spotted it before she did.

Looks like you'll had a fun weekend.