Monday, December 1, 2008

Alabama/Auburn Day

Game Day was finally here! Seeing as how we are big Bama fans, we were really looking forward to the game. We started out the day by going to eat breakfast at a special place--Krispy Kreme. I usually only allow it for report card rewards, but we thought we needed a little sweetness after all that turkey from Cousin Olivia's! Then it was off to do a little shopping. When we got home, Caitlin and Harrison begged once more to get the Christmas decorations out. Since we had a few hours until game time, I gave in! We have the kids' Christmas tree upstairs with all their ornaments they have made plus their First Christmas ornaments and any others they have gotten over the years. That was a lot of fun for them to decorate. Downstairs Randy and I have "our" tree that has the breakable ornaments. We actually got them both decorated on Saturday! It helps when you have 4 extra hands helping. We ate Dreamland ribs before the game started, (yum!) and then got to cheer Bama on to their 12th win of the season! If they will only play that well against Florida next Saturday...

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