Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Caitlin and Harrison have been asking me for weeks, "When are we going to make Christmas cookies?!" So yesterday I pulled out all of the supplies, and I let them loose in the kitchen. Actually neither one of my children like to be dirty for very long, so as soon as they got a little flour on them they were running to the sink to wash their hands! They did a great job making little stockings, Christmas trees, angels, bells, and candy canes. The hardest part for Harrison was waiting for the cookies to cool off to decorate. He kept asking, "Are my cookies dry yet?" The green icing didn't turn out to be as dark as I wanted it to be, but the kids used it anyway and loved eating it. Of course the best part was eating the decorated cookies. Daddy tried to eat them all! He ate one of Harrison's cookies, and then asked who was going to get the cute reindeer Harrison had decorated. Harrison answered, "Not you!" Funny boy! After we finished, we made mini homemade pizzas and cheesy bread and then had Family Movie Night. It was a fun Saturday night!


Allison said...

such a good mom!

Beth said...

Well, I certainly try!