Monday, December 8, 2008

A Griswold Christmas

Randy spent a good part of Saturday morning putting up Christmas lights on the outside of our house. I have to say that I have been bugging him about doing it because I think it makes the house look so much more festive. He kept saying that he just wasn't in the Christmas spirit yet because Alabama was still playing football. Well on Saturday morning while the kids and I were out doing fun Christmas errands, Randy was out in the bitter cold putting up Christmas lights. It looked so pretty on Saturday night when it got dark out. I wish I had taken a picture then because when I turned on the lights early this evening, one of the strands had gone out! Randy kept trying to fix them, but he had his faculty Christmas party so he really couldn't. Anyway, it just reminded me of the movie Christmas Vacation when Clark Griswold is trying to get the lights on his house to come on.

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