Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mom/Daughter Outing

It was so cold, the camera was shaking in my

Caitlin earned a Monaco movie gift card plus a Free Kids Meal at Red Robin Restaurant for doing all her lessons for Breakout (her Sunday night Bible Study) this semester. Since her two best friends, Sarah and Madelyn, earned gift cards also, the moms planned a Mom/Daughter Outing so that they could use them together. We all met at the movie theater after church today to see The Tale of Despereaux. (We have not quite finished reading the book, however Madelyn is already done with it.) It was a great movie. Afterwards we walked down Bridge Street to Barnes & Noble to do a little browsing and shopping. Boy, was it cold! You can never have enough layers on when it's 35 degrees! Then it was time to eat. Or maybe we were just ready to get out of the cold. Either way we had such a fantastic time today with our friends.

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