Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Party Like a Rock Star

Harrison had his Kindergarten Class Christmas Party on Monday, and since I was with MY Daddy at the hospital,his Daddy stepped up to the plate and went. I have trained him well because he took pictures of all the action!

First they entertained the parents with Christmas songs. Here they are singing "Jingle Bells".
Then a special visitor arrived...

They each got a present from the Big Red Man.

Mrs. Terrell's Kindergarten Class

Harrison with the sweetest Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Terrell

He was so proud of his white board that Mrs. Terrell gave all of them!
Apparently it was a great party, and I'm sorry I missed it! But my Daddy needed me at the hospital and afterwards at home after his surgery. Too bad I couldn't be in two places at once!!

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