Saturday, December 11, 2010

Caitlin and Harrison's Angel

This year our church, Asbury, is participating in the Advent Conspiracy Project. In short, why are we spending so much money on needless presents when there are people all over the world, even in our own backyard, who need so much? The challenge to us was to give up some of our needless buying and give back to someone who really needs it. So we had a Hollingsworth Family meeting in early November to talk about what we should do. Caitlin and Harrison came up with the idea of giving up exchanging presents with each other and using that money to adopt an Angel off the Salvation Army Angel Tree at the mall. (What proud parents we were when they came up with that idea all on their own!!)
So...the Saturday after Thanksgiving we headed to the mall to visit the Angel Tree. It was a hard decision, but we finally flipped a coin and picked Sergio's tag off the Tree. He is a nine year old boy who wanted mostly games for Christmas. Randy and I added some clothes and shoes to the Santa Bag for him to make a great Christmas for this little boy.

packing up Sergio's presents

Caitlin and Harrison with Sergio's tag and most of his presents
We all enjoyed picking out presents for this little boy, so we are thinking of making this an annual Hollingsworth Christmas tradition.

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