Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

We started our Christmas morning early, early, early!! Our plan has always been for Caitlin to call us on the walkie-talkies when she wakes up on Christmas morning. That way we don't miss the priceless looks on their faces when they see what Santa brought them. Well...we got the call at 4:04 a.m.!!!! We were just hoping for a nap later on!

Annual staircase picture

Look what all Santa brought us!

Time for stockings!

Santa even remembered to bring Brady some treats.
Then we got to open our presents under the Christmas tree. These are special because we only get 3 presents apiece: just like Jesus!

A cupcake maker!!! I can't wait to use it!

A Dippin' Dots maker!! Just what I asked for!
We had a food theme going on this year, in case you can't tell!

Yay!! An ipod Nano that I wanted for when I run.

Rock Band 3!! (He's been dropping hints for this game for awhile!)

Caitlin and Harrison's third and final present was a little box addressed to both of them. When they opened it, all they found was a note. Yay! Scavenger Hunt time! The first clue led them to...

...the pirate ship in Harrison's room. There they found the next clue which led them to...

...the mini-fridge in the Alabama movie room. There they were led to...

..Mommy and Daddy's bed. That clue then told them to start at the beginning. So as fast as their feet could carry them, they ran back to the Christmas tree to find...

DSis for both of them!!!

And mind you, all this excitement happened before 5:30 in the morning!!!
We had not even looked outside at this point because it was still dark. A little while later, as we were playing with all of our new toys, we looked out to find...

SNOW!!! I couldn't believe it!

In all my 30+ years, I have not seen this much snow on Christmas Day! In 1989, we had a dusting but nothing like this! When it was all said and done, 3 inches had fallen. Wow!!

So we had to play in it!

Harrison didn't get to stay out long because he is still fighting a cold and an ear infection. But he had fun while he was out there making snow angels and throwing snowballs at his sister.

Even Brady had a good time in the Christmas snow! He's peeping through the fence here seeing if his friend, Maggie, is out in the snow.
And then Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa came over to visit and see all our loot.

They couldn't believe all the presents! I'm so glad we live in the same town as my parents so that we can be with them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
So we had a JoYoUS Christmas morning before we took off for Grandmother and Grandaddy's house to celebrate with them.

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