Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Conversation With Harrison

Ever since we received a JibJab e-card on our computer last week, Harrison has been obsessed (to put it mildly!) with that site. We have been making our family's faces into all different kinds of funny movies and songs. Well...on Sunday afternoon, he and I were playing around with the site when the washer beeped that my load of clothes had finished. I told him to wait right there, don't touch anything on the computer, and I would be RIGHT BACK! This is the conversation we had when I got RIGHT BACK:
Harrison: (crying) I saw something bad!!
Me: What was it? (as my heart does a double beat)
H: It was the elves! They were doing it!
Me: (thinking what a horrible, bad mom I am for leaving the Internet up while I walked away from my five year old) What were the elves doing?
H: (still crying) You know the "F" word we talked about the other day?? The elves were doing it!
Me: (Maybe my mind was in the gutter at this point, but I nearly stopped breathing!) Okay....
H: Even Mrs. Claus was doing it!
Me: (I think I started to hyperventilate at this point!) Baby, what were the elves and Mrs. Claus doing?
H: FARTING!!!!! I'm sorry Mama!!

So then we hugged and talked about what NOT touching anything on the computer means!! Thankfully no harm done, but it sure opened my eyes!

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one BleSSed gal! said...

bahahaha! This totally cracks me up! I don't let the boys say that "f" word but obviously they have said it a few times in front of their sister b/c her new favorite thing to say is "faaahht" said in her very Southern Belle accent. It's so horrible, but so funny all at the same time.