Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Fun

Our first week of summer was spent at the beach living the relaxing life.
Our second week of summer was spent running birthday and Father's Day errands.
Finally, this week we have gotten to slow down at home and enjoy each other's company and have a little fun.

On Monday, we went over to Pa-Pa's house and helped him wash his car with his Father's Day gift.
I think Harrison washed himself more than the car!

On Tuesday, we went over to my friend, Mary's house to swim.
She is such a great friend because she lets us come swim even when she is not there! So we had the pool all to ourselves. 

And we had a great time! 

Even Daddy had fun just chillin' 

Harrison was looking for the dive sticks that he had just thrown into the water. 

And Caitlin was just having fun being a twelve-year-old!
After all that swimming fun, we headed home and rested for awhile because that night Randy and I had a date!
We enjoyed Bang Bang Shrimp at one of our favorite restaurants, Bonefish Grill.
No matter how many times I eat that dish, it doesn't get old!
Then it was off to a movie. 

We went to see "Rock of Ages."
Ever since I saw the first preview months ago, I told Randy that I wanted him to take me to see it.
It was a musical (which I love!) and had so many great 80's songs in it.
Randy has since downloaded most of the songs from the movie onto his iPhone, and we sang along to them last night as I cooked supper.
So we haven't really done much of anything but have fun together as a family which is my very favorite summertime activity!

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