Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

We started out our Father's Day by cooking a yummy breakfast of biscuits, bacon, and eggs. Daddy got the star treatment that he deserves by being served breakfast in bed.
As soon as he was finished eating, it was time for presents!

Daddy and his two sweet children who love him more than words can say. He is hands-down the best father I could ever have asked for for my babies! He has suffered through colic, dirty diapers, potty-training, tantrums (and not just the ones that lasted through the terrible twos!), dance recitals, homework battles, and so much more and still can smile about it all. He is so good at disciplining his sweet loves without spanking if he can help it. He's wonderful at being there for both of them in everything they do, and they know that they can ask him for almost anything. I love seeing him with our children and cannot wait to make new memories with all of them!

Love this picture of father and son! 

Definitely NOT a candidate for America's Next Top Model!
We then had a regular Sunday of church, lunch out at one of our favorite Mexican places, and a short shopping trip to Kroger. We invited our Dads over for Father's Day Supper and needed a few more things to add to our grill-out.

We gave Pa-Pa a bucket filled with car wash supplies. He has a new car, so we thought this would be good for all those baths he has been giving that new car!

Grandaddy with his favorite people

We had a good day celebrating the special fathers in our life.
We are extremely lucky to have both our fathers live so close to us, and we treasure every time we get to spend time with them.

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