Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Next Up...Broadway!

Caitlin had her annual Dance Recital on Saturday, May 26.
Since she is such an accomplished dancer, she was in both the matinee and evening shows. Talk about an exhausting day!! Not to mention that we had spent most of the night at Dress Rehearsal the night before! But before you think I am complaining, I am definitely NOT!!
I absolutely LOVE watching my baby girl do what she does best--dance on the stage. She loves everything about it: the costumes, doing her hair, putting on makeup, and getting to show off in front of all those people on the stage. Plus she has made some great friends along the way. I couldn't have been more proud of her that night.

Caitlin and her best dance friend, Shanna, dressed and ready to go on stage in "Fresh Prince of Bel Air." This was her small-group competition dance that she has performed so many times already. I think I could almost dance for her! For those of you who know me, I know you know I am kidding due to my lack of gracefulness skills!
Since both girls were in both shows that day in the same exact costumes and hair, Shanna's mom and I shared responsibilities. I stayed backstage during the Matinee and did all the costume changes for both girls while Joanna got to sit in the audience with her family and enjoy the show. We switched for the Evening Show so I got to sit with my family in the audience while Joanna was the backstage mom. It worked out so well that I think we have started a new tradition!

It was such a long day that all the moms packed snacks for the girls. Caitlin and her friend, Kayla, thought it was hilarious to be eating beef jerky while all dressed up for "Wizard of Oz" tap routine.
We had a little mishap during the Matinee performance of this dance. Her Big Ol' Hairbow that has stayed in her French braid during every performance up until this point decided to come loose and fall on the stage! I felt like I had the Dance Mom Stamp of Shame on my forehead when it happened. We both got over it, though, and made it just fine the rest of the day.

 Here is my beautiful dancer ready to go on stage for her Modern dance: "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." She, along with Delaine and Kaylee, did a fabulous job.

This was Caitlin's least favorite dance of the entire show. It's her "Alcatraz" hip-hop dance. She, Shanna, Kaylee, and Kayla were the prison guards. There were prisoners and bank robbers also. It turned out cute, but she likes all the other ones better.

Two of her best friends who she has been friends with the longest: Annie and Taylor came to see her perform. They are so close and like sisters so it was very special to have them there.
I am super proud of my baby girl and ready to watch and cheer her on again!

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