Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harrison's Celebration Day

Harrison turned 7 at 11:24 a.m. on Saturday, June 16.
He woke up bright and early ready to celebrate!

Isn't he a handsome seven-year-old?!?
Sitting next to him on the table is Caitlin's  hand-me-down iPod he got.

He got a HUGE sock monkey from his sweet sister.

 And because he absolutely LOVES to read, his Daddy and I got him some new books and a set of Angry Birds bookmarks.

He and his Daddy went out to breakfast together at Krispy Kreme and brought us girls some afterwards.
We then got ready and headed to meet Harrison's friends at his birthday party:

It's one of Harrison's favorite indoor places to play, so it made perfect sense to have his party here.
Caitlin got to bring a friend along so that she wouldn't be bored with all the seven-year-olds. After this long together, we were feeling like Shanna was a part of the family anyway!

Pa-Pa was one of the first guests to show up.
Notice Harrison is wearing one of his presents: an Angry Bird shirt. It went along with the theme!

Caitlin and Shanna had a lot of fun on the magnetic swing.

Harrison and Luke together 

Rush, Harrison, and Grayson were having fun in the little house. 

Trey and his mom on one of the exhibits.

Caitlin and Shanna had the best time in the Weather Center where they got to broadcast the weather on TV like the real weathermen.

Grayson, Luke, and Harrison  

I got on the Earthquake simulator with the girls--BIG mistake! 

Then Trey, Harrison, and Jason along with Trey's mom, Amber, had to try it out.
They agreed with me that it gives you a big headache! 

Samuel, Kirsten, and their mom, Diana did a great job at the bubbles center.
After all that playing, it was time for cake and presents!

The Angry Birds cake Harrison picked out at Publix. 

Make a wish!

 I had to have my picture made with the birthday boy!

Our second-born on his special day!!
Then it was Present Time!

His favorite:  Legos! 

But he also loved the gift cards.

We then went home to rest for awhile before going out for Harrison's birthday dinner. 

He wanted sushi, so we made our way to Bridge Street (for the 2nd day in a row!) to the little Japanese restaurant there. My family loves their sushi, and it's pretty inexpensive. 

A ride on the carousel ended our perfect birthday evening.

I just am amazed that I have a sweet little boy who is already seven!!
It seems like he should still be a baby in my arms.

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