Saturday, November 5, 2011

Say Good-bye to Soccer

Saturday, October 29 started out as a cold, cold day, but we still had to bundle up and cheer Harrison on in his last soccer game of the season.

He is in the middle with long sleeves and a hat on to keep him warm. No time to get sick in our household!

Way to go after that ball, Harrison!

Look who came to cheer--PaPa! We were all so happy to see him out and about.

After the game, all the players and parents met up at Pizza Hut here in Madison for the team party.

The young soccer stars had built up quite an appetite!

Coach Matt with his Green Scorpions team: Bryce, Nathan, Kelly, Camille, Harrison, Logan, and Joshua.

Coach Matt and Harrison

We were very lucky to get such a good soccer coach! He took the time to interact with each player after the games to tell them at least one thing they had done well. I really appreciate how patient he was with the kids each week during practice and games.
Harrison really liked his first season of soccer. He said it was even more fun than T-ball! I think he liked it because he was never bored plus he got to eat snacks when he was sitting out. We'll see if he decides to play another season next year.

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