Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy (late) Halloween!

We rushed home from school on Halloween so that we could get dressed in costumes and head out for...CANDY!!!
Harrison has been watching lots of Looney Tunes and other older cartoons on Boomerang lately, so it was no surprise to us when he decided to go as...

Popeye. He even had the facial expressions down pat!

Caitlin had been eyeing her costume since last Halloween. Since she loves Alice in Wonderland so much, she picked...

the Mad Hatter. A very fashionable Mad Hatter that is!

We started off our Halloween adventure at Pa-Pa's house. Anybody home?!?

Luckily for them, he had several candy bars just for them.

And we got him to pose in one picture too!
Then it was off to Grandmother and Grandaddy's house.

Grandmother was excited to see her Sweeties all dressed up.

We then picked up some Burger King to eat quick, quick, quick before our friends came over to go trick-or-treating with us.

Jenny and Annie came over right as we were finishing up our supper. We headed out into our neighborhood to see how much candy we could actually get. Both Caitlin and Harrison ended up dumping their buckets into our bigger bags to make room for more candy! They had a huge haul of candy that has not gone down very much at all over the past week no matter how many Kit Kats I eat!

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