Saturday, November 5, 2011

Field Trip Friday

On Friday, October 28, my 1st grade class went on a field trip to...

Early Works Children's Museum in downtown Huntsville. The presentations we saw and experienced there started our study we do during the month of November about the pioneers, the Pilgrims, and the Indians. We saw lots of cool things, and had the greatest tour guide. In fact, she was the grandmother of one of my former students who is now a Junior at Grissom High School! One of the perks of me being a teacher is that my own children sometimes get to tag along on Field Trips. Today was one of those days. I took Harrison out of school, and he got to accompany us to EarlyWorks. It worked out well because he was in Kindergarten with these same kids.

One of the first things we got to experience was the Talking Tree. The kids absolutely LOVED it! We listened to a cool story then the kids got to feel the tree.

We then got to walk on the boat, and the kids got to change the sails so the boat would sail better.

You can't tell, but this is Harrison trying on one of the Indian masks.

Then it was time to play pioneer dress-up. Doesn't he look cute dressed like Davey Crockett?!?

Here is my sweet class ready to go live with Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I'm so happy my precious baby boy went with us! We had a great time, and he loved seeing his Kindergarten friends from last year.

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