Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Race for Liz

On Saturday, November 5, my best friend, Shannon, and I ran in the inaugural Liz Waggett Memorial 5k. It was to benefit the pancreatic cancer fund at Huntsville Hospital because that is what Mrs. Waggett died of. This cause is very special to both Shannon and me. My Daddy's brother, Uncle Tom, was diagnosed in October, 2004, with pancreatic cancer and died in March, 2005. Shannon's sweet Mom was diagnosed with the same horrible disease in May, 2004, and died in October, 2004. It is such a deadly form of cancer, and most people succumb to it within a year. When we heard about the race from one of Randy's co-workers, we both raced each other to see who could register for it first!

Here we are after the race (excuse the sweaty bodies!) in our bright purple running shirts to show our support.

We now have a new race tradition. Shannon's husband, Tim, had offered to cook brunch for us after the race. Sadly, he had to travel to Virginia the day before because his grandmother passed away. Guess who stepped up to the plate to cook for us?!? My dear, sweet hubby of course! We were completely stuffed after his yummy, yummy breakfast of eggs, hash browns, chorizo, bacon, and coffee. Made our race so worth it!

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