Saturday, July 9, 2011

Six Flags Family Fun

On Wednesday, we got up very, very early and jumped in the car for a little road trip to Atlanta. We got there in time to open the doors of Six Flags, one of mine and Randy's favorite places to have fun.
We just walked through the gates and are looking forward to all the roller coasters we are going to ride. No, wait...that's only Randy who's doing that!

Caitlin and Harrison got to meet Daffy Duck. Thanks to DirecTV, these two have been introduced to all the old Looney Tunes cartoons we used to watch when we were growing up.

Our first ride...Monster Plantation. Harrison was scared the entire time. Can you tell?!?

Then we let the kids ride some rides in Bug Bunny World while Randy was off to ride things like Goliath, Dare Devil Dive, and Batman. Don't those sound tame?

These pirate ship swings were a big hit! Harrison must have ridden them 5 times.

He also loved the airplanes.

And the Rockin' Tug Boat was fun for both of them.

Look!! I now have Superman and Wonder Woman inhabiting my house!

Had to get a picture with Speedy Gonzalez.

We were a little hot after all this fun, so we stepped into the Crystal Pistol Palace to catch a show.

It was right up Caitlin's alley with all the singing and dancing they did. Her dream is to become a professional dancer, so we wanted to show her that she could get a dancing job at an amusement park during college to help build her resume.

Caitlin abolutely LoVeD the swings! I have never been a big fan of them because I am scared of heights, so I was a little nervous when she rode them over and over and over again.

We then all rode the Log Flumes which was a great way to cool off!

Harrison and I made our way to the Kids' Play Area while Caitlin and Daddy rode Thunder River. While there, Mr. Magic set up his cart and performed a show called "The Magic of Science." Harrison even volunteered for the magnet demonstration.

And finally, the three of us rode the Wile E. Coyote roller coaster which was a lot of fun!

So even though it was a hot day, we had a blast! I'm so glad we can show our kids the fun things we used to do when we were young.

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