Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Awesome Way to Spend a Summer Saturday

On Saturday, we spent the day out on Guntersville Lake with our friends, the Aronsons. We had such a GrEaT time!! We had sunny skies, cool water, good food, and the fun and laughs that go along with being with great friends.
Luckily Randy bought a new tube because it got a LOT of use!

Caitlin and Taylor jumped at the chance to be the first riders of the day.

While Alex and Harrison decided it was snack time.

Then it was mine and Randy's turn. We have never gotten to ride together, so that was fun!

Trying to get Alex and Caitlin situated for their turn.

Caitlin then rode with Todd.

FiNaLlY...the 2 little boys got their chance to ride. They were a little scared, so they took a slow ride around the lake.

My future model!

We finally got Laura in the tube.

After all that riding and tubing on the lake, we were STARVING!!!!

So we docked next to Todd and Laura's campsite for a delicious meal of hot dogs and hamburgers. Todd did a wonderful job with the grilling, or we were just really, really hungry because they were wonderful!
All in all, it was an awesome way to spend a Summer Saturday!

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