Monday, July 18, 2011

Artists in the House

There is a place in Huntsville called My Spirited Art that I have heard a LOT about from friends. You go online to their website and sign up for a painting that you would like to paint. That night you show up with your friends (and wine if that suits you!) and paint according to the directions given out by the instructor. Everyone ends up painting the same picture, but they all turn out different.
I went with a group of teachers from my school last Friday night and had a BlAsT!!! We painted an iron cross, and they all turned out beautiful.

Here is the BiG class that was there that night.

Then on Sunday afternoon, Caitlin went to a birthday party for a dance friend at the same place. Kayla picked a cute, cute picture for the girls to paint.

Caitlin is on the back row to the far right. She is such a perfectionist and keeps telling me that she messed up on one of her flowers. I think it's perfect!

I am so glad that we both got to go to this neat place! Now we have new, original artwork for our walls.

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