Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lake Martin Trip

Last week we got to enjoy one last family trip together of our fun summer. We drove down to my aunt's lakehouse at Lake Martin. Her lakehouse is in the Elmore County part of the lake. It was such a great week to be down there. We had great weather (even if it was extremely hot!) and made lots of memories together. We were a little delayed in leaving because of a problem with one of the tires on our boat trailer. We were packed and ready to go after church on Sunday, but God made sure that we were home when the tire decided to go haywire and not on the Interstate! So we didn't leave until Monday morning when the wonderful mechanics were able to get the parts and fix our trailer.
As soon as we got to the lake, Caitlin, Harrison, and Brady got their swimsuits and life jackets on.

They were so excited and ran way ahead of me!
The first thing we did was take the boat out on the lake.

There weren't many boats out since it was a Monday, so we were able to anchor our boat and have lots of swimming races.

Brady preferred to just watch. This is the first time we have taken him out on the boat, so we didn't really know how he would do. He was a great rider, but he did NOT like jumping in!

He did much better swimming right beside the dock in the shallow water.

Caitlin and Harrison had the job of catching minnows for their Daddy.

They must have done a good job because this is just one of the many catfish he caught! We are so lucky to have a fisherman in the family who also knows how to clean them and cook them.

We ate lots of ice cream and fudge bars to cool ourselves off.

And we had fun just relaxing after the sun went down each day.

We also had fun in the water especially when it got hot, hot, hot!

One of their favorite things to do was jumping in the lake off the dock.

Harrsion couldn't let his big sister outdo him!

The last day we were there (Friday), Daddy loaded up all his fishing gear....

for a fun boat ride. The plan was to anchor down somewhere so he could fish for a little bit and then go tubing for a little bit.

Things went a little awry when we stopped to put the tube in. Daddy and Caitlin immediately jumped in the water to wait for me to drop the tube. As I was climbing on the back of the boat, my foot and one of the fishing lures met and it was NOT pretty!! I screamed, Randy and Caitlin jumped back in the boat, and I realized that I am still Randy's best catch. Haha! We rushed back to the lakehouse so Randy could pull the hook out of my foot. We soon realized how foolish that idea was because that hook was stuck way down deep in my foot. We had to get dressed and drive to Tallassee Community Hospital for the hook removal. After some absolutely wonderful treatment by their friendly staff, I got a new doctor:

He and the doctor thought it would be funny to let him play doctor with my injured foot! I hobbled out of the hospital, and we realized that we were super hungry since we had never eaten lunch with all the excitement. Since we were in "town", we had to go eat at my Daddy's absolute favorite restaurant in the whole entire world....Cotton's BBQ.

This is the building they used to be in since they opened way back in the 20's. This is the one I remember coming to when I was little and visiting my grandparents.

Luckily for us, they have refurbished it right across the road.

And this is some of the most delicious barbecue you will ever taste! We also got a to-go cup of their campstew to bring back to my Daddy since he doesn't get it too often.
So.....even though the last day of our trip ended in a minor emergency, it was a fun week spent with my favorite people at a beautiful place!

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