Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break Days 5 & 6

Day 5 of our fabulous Spring Break was spent at another water park: Wet 'n Wild. It was so much fun, but very, very tiring. And yet again I didn't take any swimsuit shots!
Day 6 was spent with our best friends, the Aronsons, at SeaWorld.

Opening shot taken by the park staff. Couldn't resist buying this shot of Harrison and Alex holding Baby Shamu.
SeaWorld is one of our favorite parks because of all the water animals, but now they have the Manta roller coaster.

Insane, isn't it?!?

This was Randy and Todd's first ride on it. Randy is on the very left with Todd next to him. The next time I rode it with them. It was crazy, crazy, crazy, and I regretted getting on it the minute the little guy buckled me in! I am proud I rode it even though I was dizzy for about an hour afterwards!
The first show we went to was the sea lion and otter show. We got there a little bit early for it and were entertained by this funny pirate.

This picture was taken right before he kissed Laura!

It was a funny and cute show.

Next we saw the dolphin show.

They were jumping so high and so fast, I could barely get a picture of them.

Next we went to see Shamu. Here's Taylor and Caitlin waiting for the show to start. They were sitting with the Daddies in the "Soak Zone." The Mommies and Alex sat a few rows back so as not to get too wet. Thank goodness we did!

It was really cool to see Shamu doing all his tricks.

Look at the difference in their clothes. Harrison was in the "Soak Zone" while Alex was not!

We then went to the Kids' Area for some rides.

Harrison, Taylor, and Caitlin on the jellyfish ride. Alex was hot and tired by this point and didn't want to ride.
We got some lunch, then went to an indoor pet show to cool off.

Crazy kids waiting for the show to begin

The parents waiting a little bit more patiently for the show.

We had a great day watching all the animals and being with our best friends!

This was our last hurrah because we had to go back to our condo and pack up so we could head home the next morning. We had so much fun and can't wait to go back!

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