Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!

"He has risen!" Luke 6:24 NIV
We started our Easter morning hunting for Easter baskets, then off to church we went. Randy and I led the Preschool Worship Hour which led the children from Creation all the way through the Resurrection in the Big God Story. Whew! It was fabulous and so exciting to hear the sweet Preschoolers call out answers to our questions about the Bible. It seems most of them know the real reason we celebrate Easter.

My two Blessings in their Easter finest

We then came home and put the finishing touches on our Easter celebration lunch with all of our family.

The Grandkids--Daniel, Harrison, Stephanie, and Caitlin--with their Easter baskets from Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa.

And look who even made a surprise visit to see all of us! My Daddy drove my Mom over, gave the grandkids their baskets, then left to go home and rest. He's still not feeling the greatest after his treatments, but it's so wonderful to see him start to get back to himself.

While waiting for all the delicious dishes to be finished, my usually, ultra-conservative, CPA sister broke out in song with Caitlin's Paper Jamz guitar. It was hilarious!

We cleaned our plates of all the delicious food so fast that I didn't even get a picture of Randy's beautiful turkey!

We were all so stuffed by this point, but it was egg hunting time!

Daniel and Stephanie zooming around the backyard looking for eggs.

Brady tries to help Caitlin find a few eggs.

Harrison was given a 10 second head-start which the others screamed "UNFAIR!"

Randy and his parents, Grandmother and Grandaddy

Me and my beautiful Mom and sister

We had a great Easter Sunday celebrating Jesus!

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