Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!!!!

So yesterday after church, we headed over to the Mayer's house for lunch and fellowship. We joked about it snowing 10 inches and the schools already closing for the next day while there. But there were a few flakes falling before we went to bed. So many, in fact, that I put our big red "snow" bowl outside to catch some fresh snow.
And when we woke up this morning...we found 8 1/2 inches of snow!!!!!
What to do? What to do?
Well, first we...

broke out the Alabama sleds (Rubbermaid box tops) and went sledding down the hill behind our house. You can just see it in the left background up there. We were disappointed at first because when I first went down the hill, I got stuck. But we soon realized that if we packed down the snow and made a run, then those "sleds" would go speeding down the hill! It was snooooooow much fun!!! (No pictures because I was way too busy having fun with my family!)

One worn out Mama with a "Hare Bear" on her back.
Next we dug out our "snow" bowl from the backyard...

and stirred and mixed until we had...

SnOw CrEaM!! It was so yummy!
We warmed up by the fire, ate some lunch, then answered the door bell. Who was there? Only our next-door neighbors asking us to come out and play!

They had decided to build a BIG snowman, so we lent a hand.

Isn't he the cutest bundled up five-year-old?!? He went in soon after this because he was "way too cold". He's just like me and will take the beach and warm weather any day over a snow day!

Rush was the man in charge!

Meredith putting on the finishing touches.
We couldn't let them outdo us, so with Daddy's help we built a...

SnowWoman!! Maybe they'll date and get married one day!
After that it was time for Snow Angels.

Even though I am going to be sad to make up these days in May, I am cherishing the fun times we had as a family today!
On the agenda igloo and more sledding!