Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Birthday Day

So I had another birthday. I'm very thankful to be blessed with a healthy, happy family, but I just don't like turning another year older!
I got to start my day off with a homemade breakfast made by my three very favorite chefs in the whole wide world!

Who doesn't love blowing out a birthday candle placed atop a homemade biscuit?!?
Then I got Caitlin all dolled up to go to her Dance Competition Dress Rehearsal. (What a great way to spend my birthday afternoon!)

She and her friend, Kayla, were practicing their "funky" faces before going onstage.

She has a solo to start off "Hammertime."

It's a great number with lots of energy.

And the outfits just make the song!!!
We then came home, changed clothes, and met the rest of my family for a nice dinner at Carrabba's. YUM! Love me some ravioli from there!!

Me and my handsome birthday boy himself!

Caitlin and my precious niece, Stephanie

My nephew, Daniel, and Harrison
Who looks happier to be there?!?

My sweet, sweet parents
Could you say a prayer for my Daddy tomorrow? He is having surgery to remove his soft palate because of some nasty cancer that has been growing there.

My sister, Dana, and brother-in-law, Scott

It ended up being a very fun day, and I wouldn't have changed anything about it.

I just don't like being reminded of how old I am because I still feel 22!!

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A Wife and a Teacher said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! :-)

I will be lifting your sweet daddy up in prayer!