Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 For '10

10. Being a parent is HARD!!!

9. Being a parent of a "tweenager" is even HARDER!!

8. Macaroni and cheese vomit is the worst smell in the world.

7. My friends are the GrEaTeSt!!!

6. I am strong (in more ways than one).

5. I can run a 5K!

4. If my children shouldn't watch a TV show, then I probably shouldn't either.

3. Gigi's Cupcakes are the best dessert ever made!

2. The Memphis Zoo in July is one of the hottest places on Earth!

1. I love my family!!!!!

1 comment:

one BleSSed gal! said...

You go girl with the running!!!
And I will have to agree that the Memphis Zoo any time in the summer is one of the hottest places on earth. Maybe it's the heat mixed with all the smells that makes it so miserable?