Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Rest of the Day...

...was spent outdoors! We couldn't resist the call of the snow once again! So we bundled up and got our "Alabama sleds" to go have some more fun.

Me and my sweet, sweet girl. Apparently she spent way too much time outside because she has been on the couch fighting a bad cold and cough ever since.

Happy Birthday Randy! What better present than a Snow Day where you don't have to go into work?!?

Caitlin gets her "sled" ready.

But Daddy beat her to it!

Crash at the bottom!

There goes Harrison!

Finally Caitlin gets her turn.

And, boy was it worth the wait!!

I had to get in on the action myself! It was a LOT of fun!!!
I don't ever remember getting to sled this much when I was a kid. The only time we got to sled down our neighborhood hill, it was pure ice. I remember screaming my head off the one and only time I went down the hill because I was scared to death! Snow is much more fun to sled on than a sheet of ice.
We then came in, changed into our warm PJs (yes, in the middle of the afternoon!), and played many a hand of Monopoly Deal and Hollywood Dominoes in front of the fire.
I think Randy had a decent birthday--better than being at work with a bunch of fourth graders!

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Kurt and Kayla said...

How fun! I will love catching up with your family this way!

It's hysterical that you guys have so much snow!
My parents retired this year and moved here to Ohio so it looks like I won't be heading "home" to Al anymore. So sad :(