Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh CBS, How I Am Going to Miss You!

Dear CBS,
I have been a faithful viewer for many, many years. I can remember sitting down to the dinner table while watching Walter Cronkite on the Evening News when I was a little girl. My mother introduced me to "As The World Turns" when I was in high school, and my husband and I have faithfully watched "Survivor" since its very first season in 2000. We were able to watch "Survivor" with our daughter until the foul language got to be too much! She is now nine years old, and we thought we had found a good family-friendly show to watch with her in "The Amazing Race" since most of the contestants are family members. However after watching only half the episode last night on February 28, we were forced to turn it off due to the foul language from a few of the contestants. I had so wanted her to grow up watching the CBS network, but I cannot in good conscience submit her to such awful language at her age. I am requesting that you bleep out the bad words so that she or any other child does not have to hear them. We do not get to watch much television as a family because of this issue, but I thought the CBS network was better than this!


A non-CBS viewer now

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