Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Road Trip

Since it's Spring Break, it's time for another Road Trip! This year we made plans with our college friends, Charlton and Donna and their two girls Anna Beth and Katie, to meet up in Chattanooga. We left out early Monday morning so that we would be there in time for lunch at Mellow Mushroom (our favorite pizza place!). After lunch we went to the Creative Discovery Museum.

Our happy family
We had to hike over to the Aquarium to get tickets first, and Caitlin and Anna Beth showed off their goofy side on the bridge. Then it was off to the Museum.

Caitlin and Katie were manning the boat...

while Harrison fixed the car and drove off into the sunset.

Anna Beth and Caitlin pretended to be doctors...

with Donna as their nurse. Charlton even got to be a patient at the clinic.

We then moved up onto the roof where we played with all the pulleys, levers, and other mechanical stuff.
Randy took a little break...

during the dinosaur dig.
After all the playing, we took the kids back to the hotel for a swim in the pool. Then it was off to another great restaurant, Big River Brewery, for our second delicious meal together. We got a good night's sleep in preparation for our big day at the Aquarium.

Harrison loved being able to touch the fish. The girls--not so much!

A butterfly actually lit on Caitlin's finger in the butterfly exhibit!

Harrison's favorite exhibit--The Penguins!!

Two tired parents still having fun

All the funny kids in the Aquarium
We had such a good time together. Too bad it was such a short trip. Thanks for the fun times, Charlton, Donna, Anna Beth, and Katie! Harrison is already asking when we can go back and see y'all.

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