Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Busy, Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy, busy day at the Hollingsworth house! We had lots of fun events scheduled. First up was our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Can you tell they are so ready to go hunt some eggs?

Caitlin and her friend since birth, Madelyn. Madelyn's mom and I met in 6th grade at Mountain Gap Middle School. We were also college roommates. We are now in the same Sunday School class. So she is a special friend!

Me and my two egg-hunters in our winter coats. What is going on with this weather?!?

And he's off!! Harrison's Egg Hunt came first at 10:20. (They stagger the hunts so that families can watch multiple children.)

Checking out all the loot

Then we thankfully moved inside the gym for a cool puppet show put on by the 5th and 6th grade puppet team.

Now it was Caitlin's turn to hunt eggs at 11:00. They got to run down the big hill to get to all the eggs.

Is she getting many??
We then separated with Randy taking the kids home to eat lunch, and I went to a very nice luncheon for Babies First, a United Methodist Children's Home in Birmingham for unwed mothers. My good friend, Tami, met me there, and I also got to sit at the same table with a girl whose blog I have been following-Amy. It was so neat to finally get to meet her in person! I had to rush from the luncheon to meet Randy and the kids at Harrison's T-ball practice at Palmer Park.
Hey batter, batter....swing!

In the outfield ready to catch some balls

Look! I caught one! He was so proud and held it way up high for everybody to see!

Gatorade Cheers with Trey. Harrison and Trey go to school together and stay in the afternoon daycare together, so they are good friends. Trey's mom is also Harrison's teacher, and his dad is Coach Ben of their Red Sox team.
Afterwards we went home to rest for a few minutes, get changed, and go to Todd and Laura's to celebrate them selling their house!

Me and my 2 best friends, Laura and Shannon
And then we came home to bed!

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Sarah said...

What a fun weekend!

Yeah for Todd and Laura selling their house!!! I know they are excited.