Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Picnic

Since so many families (and our teachers) from our Sunday School class were out of town this week due to Spring Break, there was an executive decision made to have a Family Picnic during our Sunday School hour. (We go to service first at 9:00, then we have Sunday School at 10:30.) We were forced indoors because of the yucky, drizzly, cold weather, so we just made do in our Sunday School room at church.

Caitlin and her good friend, Madelyn, kept baby Autumn busy while her mommy was setting up the barbeque.

Autumn on her mommy, Heather's back, Autumn's daddy, Erik, Darren, April, and their daughter Kylie.

The Derricks were too busy socializing to look at the camera!

The Ellenburgs and the Busbys enjoying their social time together.

Cheryl was husband-less this morning. (Her husband is manager for a local Italian restaurant and has to work some Sundays.) Ben and Crystal on the right brought out-of-town company along with them, but no kids! Crystal also announced that they're expecting during our game!

I forgot to take a picture of my green St. Patrick's Day cake until we had already dug into it!
We had a good time together (as we always do!), but we missed the rest of our class who had already started their Spring Break adventure.

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