Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day

We woke up to the white stuff blowing all around our house this morning. Boy were we excited! We have had many close calls of snow this winter (from the local weathermen), but nothing has actually materialized until today. It was all we could do to get a bowl of cereal down their throats before Caitlin and Harrison were running out the door to play in it! As you can see, Harrison didn't even stop to get his gloves on (I promise I got them after pictures!). We had so much fun playing in it, but we all agreed that we are glad we don't live up North where this would be considered a light day of snow. This is about all the snow and cold us Southerners can take until next winter.
The trampoline had the best build up of snow to make snowballs with. It was also fun to jump in the snow!

"Keep me warm, Mommy! I'm so cold out here!"


Caitlin and Harrison with the tiny snowman they built with Daddy.

Even Brady likes running around in the snow!

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Sarah said...

We've been out playing in the snow too. We got 10 inches!!!!! I will post pictures after we warm up and take a nap :).