Friday, March 6, 2009

I Am One of "Those" People

I have realized that I am one of THOSE people that I never thought I would be. Let me explain...I regularly go grocery shopping at the store that is 2 minutes from my house. I go there at least once a week, and you can usually find Randy there once a week also. So we are spending a good bit of our salaries at this large chain store. Anyway, we go to this particular grocery store (not big box store) because they are so friendly and take our groceries to our car for us. We can always find what we are looking for there as well. Well, there is one cashier that has never been too friendly to me. She is young--probably in her 20's--and never mutters one word to me while she is ringing up my groceries which is so unlike the other cashiers at this store. The other ones will strike up a conversation about the weather or what you are buying or talk to the kids. She says NOTHING!! I went in to do my grocery shopping one day this past week and after I had my cart filled, I walked up to the check out lanes only to realize the silent girl was the only one open with no waiting. So I went right up to her with all my coupons plus a precious $5.00 store coupon that I had been saving. I handed them to her, and she says in a monotone voice (NO LIE HERE), "That coupon is expired."
Me: "Really? When did it expire?"
Checkout Girl: "the 24th"
Little Bagger Guy: "That was only last week."
Me: "Well, since it's a store coupon can't you ask a manager for an override?"
Checkout Girl: "Ummmm...NO."
I was so upset at this that I totally forgot about my Dave Ramsey grocery envelope and wrote a check instead!! And when I got in the car, I shed a few tears (it has been a hard week!). So I made the 2 minute drive home and picked up the phone and asked for the store manager. As soon as I told her that a cashier had not honored a store coupon, she chuckled and asked, "Was it Annie?" (name changed to protect the innocent) SHE KNEW!!! She said that they have already had 2 complaints about this same cashier this past week!! So, guess what? I am not crazy or alone. She has the problem. But I became one of THOSE people who call in and complain.


Natalie said...

I had a run in with the pharmacy at the same store (I think)..the other day. I was so mad...Chip went back and talked to the manager! Never thought I would be that way either.

The Smith's said...

Better to call and complain and give them a chance to fix the problem rather than to walk away and never go back again.
You did good.