Friday, March 20, 2009

McWane Center

Thanks to the recommendation from our friends, Heather and Jason, we visited the McWane Center on our BIG road trip to Birmingham on Thursday of Spring Break. It was absolutely fabulous! Caitlin and Harrison already want to go back! There is so much to do there that none of us was bored for a second--tired by the end of the day, but definitely not bored. In fact Harrison fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the museum. We ended up spending all afternoon there exploring the many, many exhibits. It was a fun day trip that we will most likely repeat this summer!

The dinosaur exhibit was a highlight with Harrison. They have a dinosaur dig area also.

Our future weather forecasters--just be sure not to wear a green shirt like Harrison or you will blend in with the green screen!

Harrison loved playing the BIG piano!

Getting blown away in the wind machine--it goes up to 80 mph!

Caitlin got to ride the replica of Leonardo da Vinci's high cycle. It was really cool!


Sarah said...

Looks like you'll had fun. The Adventure Science Center in Nashville is fun also. Last year we went on a field trip there.

Heather said...

I am glad you guys tried the McWane Center and had such a great time. We could have spent days there! :)