Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Not Afraid of Pee-Pee!

Harrison tells me this as I'm pulling my daddy's cake out of the oven this afternoon.
Me: What?!
H: I'm not afraid of pee-pee!

I look a little bit closer at him and notice that his entire right sleeve is soaking wet.

Me: Why is your sleeve wet?
H: The bottle fell into the pee-pee, and I picked it up.

I see upon further inspection of him that he is holding a small spray bottle in his left hand.

Me: Did the spray bottle fall into the toilet?
H: Yes, I just told you that! And I had to rescue it from the pee-pee!

He tells me this like I am supposed to be sooooo proud of him! At this moment I am thinking that I forgot to read the chapter about little boys sticking their hands in pee-pee because Caitlin NEVER did this!!


Whitney said...

that's too funny! boys will be boys. :)

Allison said...

Ha! I saved a toy skateboard from the potty yesterday because Dylan is afraid of Pee Pee!

Sarah said...

At least he told you ;)

Natalie said...

What about peeing in the bottle?? Will has done that and was so proud!