Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Caitlin's First Date

With Daddy, of course! Randy asked Caitlin out for sushi and then "picked" her up sharply at 6:00. She was so excited! I had to fix her hair just like he likes (pulled back out of her pretty blue eyes), and she HAD to wear a dress on her first date! Randy thought it was important to show her how to be treated, and he thought her first date should be with him. I couldn't agree more! And yes, I did shed a few tears as they drove away.


Whitney said...

How cute! What a great idea. Definitely something to keep in the back pocket seeing how we've got two little girls!

I hope they had a great time.

The Smith's said...

What an awesome daddy! I like that he is teaching her how a date should go. We need more men out there that know how to treat their ladies.

Heather said...

So sweet! I remember going on dates with my Daddy so that I could see how a lady should be treated! She will treasure those memories...as will he.