Saturday, April 28, 2012

Braggin' on My Baby Girl

Or maybe I should title this: "Little Glimpses that I'm Doing Something Right."

Anyway...I have to brag on my baby girl today.

She spent the night with one of her best friends last night: Shanna who is in the blue dress. Well, Shanna has 2 older sisters who decided to rent a movie last night for all of them to watch. It was "Jack and Jill." When they told Caitlin at supper what movie they were going to watch, she says, "Oh, my Mom and Dad won't let me watch that movie. Can we watch something else?"

When Shanna's mom told me that story this morning, my heart almost burst!!! Yes, we did tell her that she couldn't watch the movie. And her reaction was, "But everybody else has seen it!" But this goes to show that she is listening to us even when she pitches a fit about what we have to say!

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