Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Because we are a Methodist family, we give up something for Lent each year during 40 days before Easter. Both Randy and I were raised in Southern Baptist churches, so this concept of giving something up to get closer to Jesus is exciting for us. I always try to pick something that means a lot to me so that I will say a prayer or read the Bible when I am missing that certain thing.

I have thought long and hard about what to give up this year. I didn't want to do chocolate or sweets again or even bread. I then had an epiphany tonight. I remembered back to 2 years ago when I got closer to God and read much more of my Bible than usual. Do you know what I gave up that Lent? Facebook!!

So even though I get lots of news plus see tons of pictures of my friends and get to just "be in the know" with everybody, Jesus means more to me than any of that! Plus I know that I will still be "in the loop" with my close friends!

So, good-bye Facebook! I will see you again after Easter!

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