Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Fresh Prince Follows the Yellow Brick Road

The weekend we have been anticipating finally arrived! Dance Competition Weekend! But first I made a little treat for the girls....

Dorothy's ruby red slippers. I was hoping they would bring some good luck to our girls.
We woke up at regular time on Friday, dropped Harrison off at school, finished packing the car, then took off for Montgomery. We got there at lunchtime, so we had lunch at one of our favorite spots...

Dreamland! It was delicious as usual. We were hoping this big lunch would tide Caitlin over through her dancing that night.

Of course we had to take our annual picture in front of the Renaissance fountain. Then it was off to get our dancing queen ready for her first dance.

Here she is ready to bust a move in her "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" hip hop dance. There were a few nervous trips to the bathroom, but she was ready to go!

Caitlin and her hip hop teacher, Ms. Kaityln (We've been confused many times already this year when we call her name!)

5 of the 6 hip hop girls ready to take the stage
Caitlin, Delaine, Megan, Alyssa, and Shanna

Before the competition started, we were treated to a performance by Twitch and Lil' C. They are both excellent dancers and were on "So You Think You Can Dance."

"Fresh Prince of Bel Air" dance
Caitlin is on the far left.

Their ending move--she is still on the far left.
The girls were disappointed after Awards because they didn't earn a medal--only a ribbon for Gold. And, of course, Caitlin was the most broken-hearted over it! However after watching 2 days of booty-shaking and pelvic thrusts, I would gladly trade that for their Gold ribbon any day! I sure don't want my eleven-year-old doing moves that would embarrass anyone! (One main reason we attend her dance studio is that they feel very strongly about modesty and teach it to the girls.)
So we spent some time with her friend, Shanna, and her family after the performance to cheer the girls. It was bedtime, then up again at 5:30 on Saturday to get ready for her next dance.

My Dorothy

Here is another reason we go to North Alabama Dance Center: the instructors pray with the girls before each performance. I cannot express in words how much this picture means to me. I love that my baby girl is learning that God is in everything you do (and not just at church!).

Opening pose of "Wizard of Oz" (or Boogie Shoes because that's the music they danced to)

They looked like they were having so much fun! Caitlin is the 2nd Dorothy from the right.

Shaking those Boogie Shoes! Caitlin is the 2nd Dorothy from the left.

She is the last Dorothy on the left here shaking her groove thing.

When it was all said and done, they won a High Gold Award, High Point for their category, AND....2nd Best Entertaining in the ENTIRE competition!!! That's one proud Daddy with her!

My cousin, Laci, drove over from Auburn to cheer her on. Caitlin had built up an appetite by this point, so we let her change clothes then went to eat.

Normally we eat lunch on Saturday at a little dive named Chris' which is right by the Capitol, but since Laci was with us we went a different route. We tried a new Mexican restaurant by the hotel. It was pretty good!

My "thinks he is so funny" husband and me
We sent Laci on her way back to Auburn, then watched the Teen Dances until dinner time. By that time Caitlin was begging for a Chris' hot dog because that's the only time she gets one, so we got take-out and ate at the hotel with her friend, Shanna, and her family. It was bedtime at this point because the girls had dance classes bright early on Sunday morning with the competition judges.

Two tired, but happy dancers at the end of the weekend!

It was a very busy weekend, but it was a lot of fun watching my baby girl and her awesome talent!

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