Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A "Blah" Day

Today has been one of those days where I just wanted to go back to bed and start completely over!

First, no one wanted to get up this morning. Don't kids realize how hard that makes life for Mamas?

Then, I get to school and find out that our dear, sweet Mr. Cleveland who cleaned our school plus did hundreds of other wonderful things for us, died last night. I really think he died of a broken heart because his precious wife died a few years ago, and he never got over losing her! To let you know what a wonderful man he was--when I was pregnant with Harrison, I started having contractions at work one day. He put me into his truck and drove as fast as he could to Randy's school so I could get to the hospital. What custodian does that?!?

All that talk at school made me miss my Mama soooooooo much! It also made me realize that even if my Daddy says I am bugging him--I need to keep it up so he doesn't get as lonely as Mr. Cleveland.

But I made it through the day and had a great afternoon cuddling with 2 of my sweeties in my bed while Harrison read us 3 different Dr. Seuss books. Who doesn't love that? All I can say is...I love my family! (Even if they fuss at me to run my regular 4 miles because they know it makes me feel so much better!)

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