Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late!)

Yes, we did celebrate Thanksgiving in our family even though I haven't said anything about it!

We drove down to my cousin, Olivia's house in Helena with my Daddy riding shotgun. I knew if we didn't take him with us that he would end up only staying about an hour with us, and I just couldn't stand the thought of him home alone.

We got there about 11:00, and some of us immediately headed to the backyard to play in the treehouse while some of us helped finish up cooking. Since I was still a little under the weather from my day-surgery the week before, Randy ended up baking our contribution: a carrot cake. It was so delicious, and he got lots of compliments on it. Now I know to let him bake all our goodies!!

After we ate a HUGE meal with Olivia, her daughter, Laci, Aunt Bobbie, my sister and her family, and a close family friend, we decided to take a long walk to hopefully shed some of those thousands of calories. We then came back and finished watching the football game along with a good dose of chatting thrown in!
Our annual family Thanksgiving picture

And just us grown-up girls: Aunt Bobbie, Olivia, Laci, Dana, and Me

We really had a great time with our family! I just wish we could see them more often than holidays!

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A Wife and a Teacher said...

That is a great picture of you! Glad I'm not the only one behind in posting!