Sunday, December 18, 2011


I have a confession to make....this year....I am a Scrooge!!

I do NOT feel like listening to Christmas carols. I do NOT feel like shopping for Christmas presents let alone wrapping them. I do NOT feel like baking Christmas goodies. And I do NOT feel like decorating for Christmas.

However I have this sweet class who is very much in the Christmas spirit....

And luckily they make me laugh each and every day with their silly antics.

I also have these two precious darlings who do deserve one of the holliest, jolliest Christmases ever thanks to our horribe, awful year...

So even though I feel like crying ALL.DAY.LONG most days while hiding in the bed, I don't! I get up and make each moment count.


Heather said...

Keep pushing through and find even one small joy every day!!! Your Mom would want you to enjoy life and focus on the awesome memories you made with her and that you are making with your children and hubby! Know that many people are praying for you as your family goes through your first Christmas without your Mom! She is watching over you all and wants you to find something to be happy about each hard as that may be at times!!!

A Wife and a Teacher said...

After the year you have had I think a little Scrooge is perfectly fine!

You know that I am praying for you!! I'm thankful you have your sweet babies both at home and school to make you smile.