Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

We were awakened bright and early on Christmas morning by these two sweet faces:

Thankfully they waited until at least 6:00 to wake us up. We have a strict rule in our house that the kids can't come downstairs on Christmas morning until Mommy and Daddy are up too. Caitlin calls my cell phone to let us know that they are up, and we meet them at the stairs.

They were so excited to see what Santa had brought them that they could barely wait for 2 pictures!!

WOW!!!! Look at all that!

Next came stockings.

Then it was on to the BIG stuff! We give the kids 3 presents each just like Jesus got 3 presents from the Wise Men.

Brady even got a small gift!

We surprised Caitlin with this purse she had only looked at once and never even asked for!

Caitlin gave Harrison his very own Angry Bird. Can you tell he was excited?!?

Daddy got custom floor mats for his car--he's been wanting them for over a year now.

And I got a big pile of neat stuff: a scarf I had been eyeing, a Vera Bradley lunchbox with a matching lanyard, and some cool running accessories. That was after I got to open my new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Randy didn't follow the 3 present rule for me!

Caitlin had to model her presents: new purse, Ugg boots, and Hollister jacket.

After opening all those presents, my Daddy picked me up and we rode to my sister, Dana's house. Together all 3 of us shared a special, but not so fun, time.

We visited my Mama to wish her a Merry Christmas. I sure didn't think I would be here last Christmas!

Daddy and I then came back home to finish preparing Christmas dinner.

Brady was really hoping for a bite or two to fall his way!

Grandmother and Grandaddy came over after their church service, and we got to open even more presents. They gave Harrison a new 3DS that he has been wanting.

And Caitlin got exactly what she!
We then sat down and ate a delicious (if I do say so myself!) meal of turkey, dressing, macaroni and cheese, green beans, corn, rolls, deviled eggs, and I really don't remember what else was on the extremely full table! We were so stuffed, but we did have room for Caitlin's "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake that she always makes for us.
I am so happy that I got to celebrate Christmas with all my family even though it was bittersweet because all I really, really wanted for Christmas was to rewind time back to last year when my Mama was still with us.

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A Wife and a Teacher said...

What a wonderful Christmas! Can't wait to see you again soon!