Sunday, March 6, 2011

Word Up!

With it being Dr. Seuss' birthday week, we had a Vocabulary Parade on Friday. Each child had to pick a word, dress up as that word, and make sure their word was visible somewhere on them. If they met all that criteria, they got to march in the parade around the school.
Harrison came up with his word on all his own (I am such a proud Mama!), and decided to dress as a king and be "royalty."

Here he is leading his group. I had several teachers tell me later in the day how serious he looked as he marched with his scepter. He wanted to do a good job as Grand Marshall, I suppose!

Isn't he the cutest king?!?
But we teachers couldn't let the students have all the fun...

Ms. Adams was "athletic", and I was "competitive." The kids got a big kick out of us!

Mrs. Delay was "jackpot." She did get called "pothead" a time or two!

And here is Mrs. Bess as "flamboyant" and Mrs. Weaver as "questionable."

It was a fun day that also involved selling snowcones for the American Cancer Society, so it was also a CrAzY day (but I love those kind!).

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A Wife and a Teacher said...

Cute!! I miss all of y'all so much!