Friday, March 18, 2011

Let The Show Go On...

Caitlin auditioned for and won a spot in her school's Drama Club back in the fall when school began. They have had a lot of fun, and today they performed their very own play! It was written by their Drama Coach, Mr. Schmitt, and was a cute play with a moral about how everyone is the same deep down.
Caitlin was nervous, but happy that she did not have a starring role where she had to memorize lines. She was a dancer for "Justin Beiber" along with her friends, Hannah, Marchay, and Rebekah.

The girls got to come up with their own costumes. They did a good job of being color-coordinated!

She even got to do the splits in the performance!

Introducing all the actors after the play.

I am just so proud of my baby girl and how brave she is! Not to mention the talent she gets from her Daddy. (Along with loving the spotlight!)

My parents (a.k.a. Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa) even made an appearance at her show. They didn't want to miss their little star!
Good job, Caitlin! I love being your Mom!

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