Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tummies and Other Such Business

Well...we have had an eventful week, but nothing you would want to remember in pictures!! First, Caitlin came down with an awful stomach bug a week ago Friday. We had gone to eat at Nothing but Noodles at her request, and when we got home it hit! Poor baby was up most of the night (as was this Mama!). Then on Sunday, who gets the dreaded stomach bug?!? ME! It was HORRIBLE! Thank goodness I have this amazing husband who doesn't mind taking care of Caitlin and Harrison for me. Well, I stayed home from school on Monday to recover. I slept all morning long and woke up about noon. I was beyond parched, so I marched myself into our kitchen to get something to drink. I must have gotten up too fast because as I was pouring the 7UP into my glass, I passed out and hit my head on the tile floor. I couldn't believe it! Who does that?!? After assessing that I had no broken bones, I realized that I had a softball-sized bump on the back of my head. And a bruise on my elbow. Needless to say, I crawled back into bed (without my 7UP because it was spilled all over the floor at this point) to wait for Randy to come home. Oh--I did manage to fix an ice pack for my softball bump. Randy came home and oooohhed and aaaahhed over my poor head, but said I would be okay. On Tuesday, I went to work, but as I was driving there I got dizzy. So I went to see our school nurse. She sweetly poked and prodded my head (which hurt like the dickens) and said to call the doctor just so he could make sure nothing was really wrong. I nodded okay, but I really didn't plan on it. co-worker (who acts more like my Mama sometimes) said, "Wouldn't you call the doctor if one of your children hit their head that hard? And what's going to happen to those 2 precious children if you're laid up in a hospital bed in a month with something that could have been taken care of now?" Nothing like guilt making you go to the doctor! So on Wednesday, I went to the doctor. He also poked and prodded my softball bump and sent me for an MRI. On Thursday, I get a call from his nurse saying that they found a "dark spot" on my MRI and I need to see a neurologist. I should know by now NOT to google any medical symptoms! So I go see the neurologist on Monday afternoon to make sure I don't have an aneurysm or early signs of MS! See....aren't you glad I didn't take any pictures?!?

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A Wife and a Teacher said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm glad your tummy is feeling better, I hope your head starts feeling better soon.

I have quickly learned that I should not google will make you crazy!!

Praying everything is alright!!