Sunday, March 6, 2011

Smile for the Camera

Saturday was Picture Day for Caitlin's Dance Company.

After spending an hour getting ready...

this is what she and her friend, Kayla, looked like...

Aren't they beautiful ballerinas?!?
There was a costume change, and she emerged as...

Grumpy, one of the Seven Dwarfs. This is for their jazz dance, "I'm a Believer" from Shrek, so all the girls are nursery rhyme characters.

And here is the Queen of Hearts and Little Red Riding Hood with Grumpy.

There were two other costume changes, but the photographers got behind schedule and we had to rush, rush, rush into the other two costumes. I didn't get pictures of the other costumes with my camera, but I can't wait to see the poses the photographer took.
It was a looooooong afternoon, but so much fun to play dress-up with my little girl especially since she doesn't play dress-up anymore at home!

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